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Wrap Dresses

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Infinity wrap dresses continue to be one of the most popular line items that we sell here at Bridal Alchemy. Brides know that they get great value for money. They are also assured that each dress is made to precise measurements as well as the exact colour that the bride wanted. Keep in mind that wrap dresses are extremely flexible in that they can be styled in many different ways. Click HERE for a YouTube how-to video.

If you would like to order your wrap dresses, then simply email with the words “Wrap Dress Order Form” in the subject line. We will then reply to you with our standard ordering template and our colour options.

Please note that while our September R450 promotional price offering has now expired, that we will continue to offer the price to customers who order 3 pieces or more. If you are ordering fewer than 3 pieces, then the standard price of R535 per dress will apply.

We DO however anticipate that due to the rand/dollar exchange rate, that our textile merchants will be upping their prices to us soon. We will do our best to keep our prices as low as possible.